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My main specialty is crafting “crown jewel” level key patents for protecting high tech companies innovations, or helping them discover the latent value of their own otherwise dormant/underutilized assets. Over the course of the past 20 years my patent procurement skills have helped my clients realize more than  $50m in patent portfolio sales alone.   I also assist clients in licensing and enforcing their patents where it is called for. When I’m not helping clients I’m usually reviewing some significant real world problem and trying to conceive of a useful solution.  My inventions have been recognized through hundreds of PTO cross reference citations and through sales of my patents to several key  high tech companies in the Internet space. Currently stationed in Berlin, Germany with my wonderful wife and three awesome children. Please note that I am not taking on any new clients, and nothing in this blog should be construed as legal advice or an offer for legal services.   However if you are interested in a quick assessment or recommendation on how best to monetize your patent assets, feel free to contact me and I will try to steer you to the right resource(s).

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3 Comments on “About JNG

  1. i saw you online talking with florian mueller. florian has known my story for years…years…and always censored what he knew. Do you realize that i am the true inventor of what “apple vs. samsung” is a battle over? You talk about defending inventors. How about inventors who are not lucky enough to be born into this world white? Huh? Apple’s lawyers prosecuted my patents for me. And in trial they conceal that. Take a look at Figures 43 onward in any of my cellular tablet patents. That is no coincidence. Steve Jobs saw my work in 2003 and stole it to create the iPhone. I told Sergey Brin and Andy Rubin in 2007 and Google proceeded to “slavishly copy” Apple exactly like Steve Jobs whined. That was steve’s only truth. And right thus second Both sides are in court perjuring themselves and obstructing justice because both sides know me. And people who know like Florian, while offering analysis, conveniently hide the most vital truth…that the whole thing is a fake trial. Why? Because they have a deep hatred of of people who invent things they themsrlves love, but didn’t themselves invent ? Or because I am “a fucking minority”? Or both? Regardless facts will not go away.

  2. Sorry to hear this happened to you; unfortunately it seems very common nowadays. The large companies think that if they didn’t invent it, there is no value. But then they proceed to use it anyway. I hope you get vindication for your work.

  3. This blog is a joke. Hiding behind inventors, when you’re clealy behind the corporations ? HOW. THIS.

    “My main specialty is crafting “crown jewel” level key patents for protecting high tech companies innovations”

    YOU clearly work for the companies, and not for the inventors.

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