In the Beginning…

Greetings Dear Reader,

This blog is borne out of a desire to see that ordinary inventors and patent holders are represented and given a voice as well in the Court of Public Opinion on all things relating to patents.   For more than 30 years I have experienced and participated in every aspect of patents : inventing, helping inventors to procure them from the US Patent & Trademark Office, licensing them to third parties, and most importantly enforcing/defending them in every manner of Federal Court in this country.  I have participated in dozens of patent trials, conducted hundreds of patent related transactions/licenses, and helped to craft more than a thousand issued patents/applications, including at least 100 of my own inventions.

Over the course of the coming months I will share my experiences, insights and observations about the origin of the current debate and rebut the one sided corporate sponsored “hysteria” about patents, particularly in the computer, software and business operations technology areas.   Stay tuned if you are interested…

J Nicholas (Nick) Gross


Save The Inventor

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Countering anti-patent/anti inventor hysteria

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Countering anti-patent/anti inventor hysteria

Countering anti-patent/anti inventor hysteria


Countering anti-patent/anti inventor hysteria


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Countering anti-patent/anti inventor hysteria

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